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Harley Street Allergy Clinic

City of London Allergy Clinic

East London Allergy Clinic

Allergy Clinic & Allergy Testing London London

Allergy and Immunology Centre @ Harley Street Medical Centre

مزيد من المعلومات

العلاج في لندن

 مركز لندن للحساسية والمناعة

27 Harley Street, London,  W1G 9QP

Harley Street UK Allergy Clinic Global Allergy Network

Allergy tests and allergy treatment  in hospitals all over the World

Are you looking for an allergy clinic in London? Allergy testing London Allergy consultants Harley Street UK Allergy Clinic -The London Allergy and Immunology Centre can test and treat hay feverfood allergyskin allergynose problemsasthma, start hayfever treatment and continue specific immunotherapy started overseas.

Our Allergy & Asthma Harley Street UK Allergy Clinic  accept adult patients and children of all ages,  self pay and on most private insurance.

Specific IgE RAST test 112 food and aero allergens – testing for allergy UK wide

If you want to have an allergy test done before you see a consultant in London or you live far away and want to use our remote allergy testing program

please start with filling in ISAC allergy symptoms questionnaire.

ISAC London Allergy and Immunology Centre


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Experts of Global Allergy Network of Excellence make the continuity of  your treatment easier, when you travel you can get support form our partners, continue your specific immunotherapy (allergy shots) in participating centres.

Allergy is a rising problem in the UK. There are many allergic conditions: Hay fever (allergic rhinitis), Asthma, Food allergy, Skin allergy, Urticaria and Angioedema (rashes and swellings) allergy with gastro-intestinal symptoms. Allergic rhinitis is often accompanied by tiredness and loss of concentration, this is especially important in schoolchildren during exams. Hay fever is especially difficult for children who sit exams and can severely influence on their grades.

More information about the test and the list of allergens that are testes is given at the ISAC Page

Tests and Treatment in London You deserve life without allergy

There are many charities that help people with allergies and asthma: Allergy UK, Asthma UK and Anaphylaxis Campaign. Allergy UK and Asthma UK  that provide information resources and advice to the patients. London Allergy and Immunology Centre is providing expertise of its consultant on private bases.

Consultants in our allergy clinic in London (paediatric and adult allergy, dermatology, immunology and ENT) can be seen within days of contacting our appointment team directly.  In general there is no need for a referral letter for self pay patients and we do all we can to keep the service affordable.

When you need allergy testing in London our on-line appointment booking system allows patients or their parents to book convenient appointment slot with a consultant of their choice within minutes and receive confirmation of their appointment by e-mail.

In our allergy clinic in London and other centres, patients who suffer from allergy, asthma, immunological conditions and those who suspect that allergy may drive their symptoms can have scientifically proven validated allergy and asthma tests during the initial consultation. If it is not an allergy we can also help, our dermatology, immunology and ENT consultants also deal with many non-allergic conditions.

As well as allergy testing in London we can provide assessment of adults and children who are interested in a new treatment for allergic asthma and other allergic conditions called Airsonette. Allergic asthma symptoms can be seasonal (when people experience asthma symptoms only during pollen season when they have hay fever), and perennial (cat, dog, house dust mites) – all the year round.

Allergy clinic & allergy testing in London from London Allergy and Immunology Centre @ Harley Street Medical Centre

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