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Allergy and Immunology Clinics

London Allergy and Immunology Centre

Our consultants see patients in a number of allergy clinics located in London, Cambridge, Oxford and Milton Keynes.

In Central London we have daily paediatric and adult allergy clinics and perform allergy tests in Harley street Medical Centre 27 Harley street every evening.

Allergy testing facilities are available in all allergy clinics: clinics Harley Street Medical Centre as well as London Independent and Fitzroy Square hospital have endoscopy suits that can be used when indicated to directly observe if there are any problems in the nose with a tiny camera flexible endoscope.

All hospitals have trained staff and required equipment to allow consultants to perform food and drug allergy challenges, immunotherapy (desensitisation treatment).

Dr Boyle runs a number of paediartic allergy clinics from St Mary’s hospital when he is free from his NHS commitments (please check the booking system)

Dr Rudenko runs an adult allergy service on Mondays and Tuesdays  in The City Medical Centre in 17 St Helen’s Place located near gherkin St Mary Axe specially designed for business people who work around Liverpool street and Bank.

On Saturdays there is a paediatric allergy clinic in New Malden – South West London run by Dr Boyle our paediatric allergy and immunology consultant and an adult allergy clinic by Dr Rudenko in The London Independent Hospital (both clinics are from 9am-1pm can be booked online)

In Cambridge Dr Clark runs several paediatric (up to 18 years old) private allergy clinics as well as his research projects in food allergy.

Dr Cremonesini paediatrician with a special interest in allergy recently joined our team to run peadiatric and allergy service in The Saxon Clinic,  Milton Keynes and Nuffield Hospital, Oxford.

Allergy and Dermatology Clinics

London Allergy and Immunology Centre

In London our dermatology consultant Dr Burova runs Wednesday Clinics in Fitzroy Square hospital. During the week she also has clinics in Fitzroy Square Hospital and extra clinics in Harley Street. 

Fitzroy Square hospital on Wednesday evening clinic is done in parallel with Dr Rudenko’s allergy clinic for patients who need input of both allergy and dermatology consultants.

Dr Burova during the week has private clinics in following hospitals: The Saxon Clinic,  Milton Keynes; The Manor Hospital, Biddenham, Bedford please call 02031433446 and ask specifically to book these hospitals

Allergy and ENT Clinics

London Allergy and Immunology Centre

If allergy is excluded as the cause of nasal symptoms, allergy consultants can refer patients who need ENT opinion to Professor Dhillon – ENT surgeon who works with our team in Princess Grace Hospital and provides his expertise in non-allergic and mixed conditions as well as surgical methods of tearment.


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