3 allergens that could be causing your bathroom woes

allergy triggers in the bathroom

3 allergens that could be causing your bathroom woes

While our homes are our place of comfort, they can also contribute to our allergies if we aren’t careful. Just ask anyone with hay fever in the summer. It becomes a tough choice between opening the windows and letting the pollen in or sitting in a stuffy box. When it comes to allergies, we have to be careful of how our homes can aggravate them.

One place this can happen is in the bathroom. You may not even realise it’s the cause of your reactions. But there’s plenty in there that could be causing issues. Let’s look at some strange allergy triggers in the bathroom and what they could mean for you.


We know what you’re thinking: what could possibly be in toothpaste that triggers an allergy? It’s just a minty paste for brushing your teeth. But toothpaste is a collection of a lot of ingredients, and there’s a chance one of them could be an allergen.

It’s tricky to pin down which one it is without further investigation. But some of the most common triggers will be fluoride, essential oils, and even gluten, which is used to thicken the toothpaste. Symptoms can include inflammation or a rash around the mouth and lips. The best way to tackle it – at least in the short term – is to choose a different brand and see if that helps.


Similar to toothpaste, shampoos are made up of a wide range of ingredients, making diagnosis difficult. It might even be tough to trace it back to the shampoo in the first place. Since it can touch a lot of areas, you might not even realise that the rash around your ears comes from the shampoo.

And you’ll run into a similar issue in finding which specific ingredient is causing the problem. If you suspect your shampoo is causing an allergic reaction, stop using it and talk to your doctor. You could also research fragrance-free alternatives, as these may eliminate some of the more common triggers. But it isn’t a guarantee; medical advice will always be your best bet.


Yes, it sounds stranger than fiction, but it is possible to be allergic to water. It’s incredibly rare, with only a handful of documented cases. Its medical name is “aquagenic urticaria” and happens when water comes into contact with the skin. This leads to red, itchy rashes – also known as hives.

Because it’s so rare, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly causes this reaction. The leading theories are that it’s either a certain chemical in the water or something on the skin that reacts badly with water. Either way, it makes bathing difficult. But the chances of you having the condition are incredibly slim.

The chances of there being allergy triggers in the bathroom are low. But there’s no harm in being cautious, looking out for changes in your body, and staying safe. If you ever notice an unusual reaction after using a bathroom product, talk to your doctor immediately.

Alternatively, talk to one of our allergy specialists. Our team is well-versed in getting to the bottom of your condition and suggesting changes to lead an easier and happier life. Get in touch with us on 02031 433 449 or register as a new patient today.

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