Allergies are on the rise – but why?

Allergies are on the rise

Allergies are on the rise – but why?

Allergies are on the rise. We can’t deny it. Take this recent news story, for example. The number of hospital admissions for people with allergies has doubled in just eight years. According to this BBC article, 7% of UK children have an allergy. And we’ve all heard the stories of just how dangerous this can be.

But is there an explanation? Well, it’s hard to pin down an exact reason as there are many theories. Let’s see what they say.

Are you we just more aware?

One explanation is we are more aware of what allergies are and what their symptoms can be. We know the telltale signs of a breakout of hives or the swelling of the throat. And with so many stories about people dying from allergy-induced anaphylactic shock, we might just be more on edge when we see these symptoms.

More people going for a diagnosis means more people will naturally be diagnosed. But while this theory is the simplest, it’s probably also not true. Studies show it could be environmental. When testing, they found allergy rates were higher in urban communities than in rural ones. And migrants coming to live in the west had higher rates than their peers back in their home country.

So when we compare, we can see how certain places have a higher frequency of allergies. So they’re definitely on the rise.

Are we just too cautious?

One popular theory for the increase in allergies is we’re too clean. We’re too cautious with our children and prevent them from coming across microbes, which help them build up a healthy immunity. Without these, they are more susceptible to allergies. Studies have shown children growing up on farms around dirt and animals have fewer cases of allergies.

Some people expose their young infants to certain allergens to build up a tolerance. They might include food like peanuts or wheat in their diet – common foodstuffs that cause lots of deaths. It isn’t recommended you do this without consulting with a professional first.

The good thing about more people being diagnosed with allergies is we can start to change how the world approaches allergies. Too many people still don’t take them seriously, putting people’s lives at risk. By raising awareness, we can hopefully make the world a safer place for allergy sufferers. If you think you might have an allergy, get in touch with an allergy specialist today.

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