Your allergy FAQs answered

Your allergy FAQs answered

To those of us who have dealt with allergies for a long time, it can seem strange when people ask us questions with answers we assume to be common knowledge. We forget about the 64 million people in the UK who don’t have an allergy. For those of us who have only recently discovered an allergy, or don’t have any at all, they can be baffling. So, here are some of the most common FAQs that should help guide the allergy-inquisitives among us.

Can allergies be cured?

The short answer is no, but we prefer to say not yet. As the frequency of allergies continues to increase, so does the research into the causes and treatments. Medical advancement so far has not made it possible to cure allergies however, there are plenty of effective treatments to reduce and almost eradicate symptoms.

How can you tell if it is allergies or a common cold?

The key is to look for patterns, something we as humans are very good at. It this a one-off cold that just seems to be lingering? Or, do you experience similar coughing, sneezing, runny nose, headaches, and watery-eyed symptoms on a daily/regular basis. With a cold, these symptoms can come on gradually. With allergies, they will likely come on all at once and fast. But, if you are still unsure, the best way to know is to get allergy tested.

What causes allergies?

There are many different theories as to what causes allergies, but it has been hard for medical researchers to settle on one, or even reliably prove any of them. Common theories include that we are too clean, not allowing our body’s immune systems to develop properly. Another is that allergies are influenced by the diet of the mother during pregnancy. Another theory states that it is a result of the increasingly polluted environments we live in. But, we may find that there isn’t one single cause but rather a variety of factors that interact.

If you need help understanding your allergies, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with The London Allergy and Immunology Centre. Our specialist consultants can help you find the best treatments to make sure your allergies don’t take their toll on your daily life. Give us a call on 02 031 433 449 today.  

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