Private Allergy Testing London + (Allergy testing UK wide England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland)

Skin prick test and patch private allergy testing in London with Allergy Consultants in private allergy clinics of London Allergy and Immunology Centre.

We offer two groups of allergy tests:

Private allergy testing in London, England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland with remote allergy testing method for specific IgE to food and aero components is called ISAC. This test can be done anywhere in the UK and an easy self collection kit is posted to the patient after the payment.

Sample then is collected by the patient (using video tutorial online) or attached instructions and is posted directly to our lab that will provide result within a week.  Our allergy consultant will interpret results of ISAC test based on the history that patients provide in the symptom questionnaire.

Other private allergy testing in London and the rest of the UK can be done during consultations by registered doctors allergy, dermatology or paediatric consultants in London, Cambridage, Gatwick, Milton Keynes.

1) Tests that are done with a patient (patients need to avoid antihistamines in order to perform this tests). Antihistamine and some other drugs can interfere with the results of the following tests:

a) Skin prick test (food, other allergens),
b) Prick to prick test (food, plants),
c) patch test (drugs, metals, chemicals),

d) intra-dermal test (drugs, other allergens)
e) challenge tests (food, drugs)

2) Tests that are done with  blood sample (antihistamines can be taken as they don’t influence results of these tests)
a) ImmunoCAP Specific IgE (RAST) selection of individual allergens more then 450 allergens (full list of allergens Immunocap)
b) Biochip ISAC Specific IgE Molecular allergy component test 112 allergenic components are tested in one test (full list of allergens in  ISAC)

Allergy testing London, UK

Remote allergy testing England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland

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