Allergy Tests in London – Review by Consultant Allergist

At London Allergy and Immunology Centre we provide allergy tests in London as well as UK wide in England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.

Allergy Testing Centre UK

Testing for allergy UK wide in England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland

Allergy testing in the UK can help your doctor to identify sensitisation to specific allergens. There are several types of allergic reactions, but some reactions that look like allergies can be of a non allergic nature. Urticaria and angioedema (rashes and swellings) can be of allergic and non allergic causes. Sometimes there is no need to do tests for an experienced allergy consultant and in some types of allergy food and symptom diary and good history can give required information for the doctor to make a diagnosis.

In the allergy testing clinic you will get the opinion of our allergy consultants and will be able to choose the best allergy tests that will give maximum information to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

In the London Allergy and Immunology Centre an allergy test in London is done following or during a consultation with allergy specialists, and even in case of remote allergy test ISAC we will get full medical history via an on-line questionnaire that will help our allergy consultants to interpret results (consultant’s review is included in the test’s price when you have remote testing).

We have facilities to arrange appointments following remote testing and we will always write to your GP with the results, so the continuity of care and link with NHS primary care services is preserved.

Allergy Testing in the UK

RAST Specific IgE test, sIgE blood allergy test  is testing sensitisation to a single allergen of choice (milk, wheat, gluten, cat, dog, grass, moulds, birch, penicillin etc) There are more that 400 allergy tests to choose from.

Immunocap ISAC Specific IgE test, sIgE blood allergy test most comprehensive screening sIgE detection to 112 allergenic components we can do this test remotely when the sample is sent by the patient from any place in the UK straight to the lab in the post in a special container.

Patch test or epicutaneous test  for delayed skin reaction metals chemical sensitivity, reactions to make-up, cosmetics – allergic contact dermatitis. This test is done on Tuesday with reading of results on Thursday and Friday(48h, 72h)

Food and symptom diary: Elimination diet with reintroduction for delayed reaction in atopic dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions and where food might be linked to exacerbation. Our special food-symptoms diary is used for this test.  It is reviewed and supervised by allergy consultant.

Skin prick allergy test is the test that can be done only during consultation. It takes no more than 15 minutes to get results and sometimes modification of the test Prick to Prick test is used. You can bring food in individual plastic bags, or plants that you suspect being allergic to and our allergy consultant will arrange this test.

Intradermal tests are done as a part of drug allergy challenge testing or some other tests where sterile allergen solution is available. It usually follows skin prick test and gives exposure to a higher volume of allergen when it is injected in the upper layer of the skin.

Provocation tests: Ocular conjunctival, Nasal provocation tests are used to confirm allergy to a specific allergen.

Food provocation test (oral food challenge) is used to confirm allergy to a specific food,  find out the amount of allergen that can trigger reaction and severity of the reaction. It is done in hospital under careful supervision of trained staff and with resuscitation equipment. This test should be never be used at home.

Drug allergen challenge is an important test where there is a doubt in diagnosis or it is not know which drug caused the reaction in the past. It is also done in the hospital under careful supervision of resuscitation team. This test should be never tried at home.

Specific IgE RAST test 112 food and aero allergens – testing for allergy UK wide

An allergy test in London from the London Allergy and Immunology Centre can help to identify sensitisation to specific allergens. If you want to have an allergy test done before you see a consultant in London, or if you live at a distance from the capital or abroad and want to use our remote allergy testing program, please start with filling in ISAC allergy symptoms questionnaire.



ISAC London Allergy and Immunology Centre


Allergy testing with precision.  Sightly higher costs comparing to standard allergy test but very detailed

Allergen components
The term Allergen component is used for products based on molecular allergens purified from either their natural source (native) or bio-technologically produced as recombinant proteins.
By using tests for single allergenic components as a complement to more traditional IgE antibody tests, further clinically relevant information can be gained.
ImmunoCAP Allergen components are useful tools when investigating and explaining allergic reactions more in detail and to determine if they are caused by cross-reacting IgE antibodies to different allergens. ImmunoCAP® Allergen Components – Allergen components


rHev b 1 Latex Hevea brasiliensis k215
rHev b 3 Latex Hevea brasiliensis k217
rHev b 5 Latex Hevea brasiliensis k218
rHev b 6.01 Latex Hevea brasiliensis
rHev b 6.02 Latex Hevea brasiliensis
rHev b 8 Profilin, Latex Hevea brasiliensis k221
rHev b 9 Latex Hevea brasiliensis k222
rHev b 11 Latex Hevea brasiliensis k224

Occupational / Enzymes
Alkalase Bacillus spp. k205
nAna c 2 Bromelain, Pineapple Ananas comosus k202
nAsp o 21 alpha-amylase Aspergillus oryzae k87
nCar p 1 Papain, Papaya Carica papaya k201
nGal d 4 Lysozyme, Egg Gallus spp. k208
Maxatase Bacillus licheniformis k204
Savinase Bacillus spp. k206
nSus s Pepsin, Swine Sus scrofa k213

rAct d 8 PR-10, Kiwi Actinidia deliciosa f430
rAna o 3 Cashew nut Anacardium occidentale f443
rApi g 1.01 PR-10, Celery Apium graveolens f417
rAra h 1 Peanut Arachis hypogaea f422
rAra h 2 Peanut Arachis hypogaea f423
rAra h 3 Peanut Arachis hypogaea f424
rAra h 8 PR-10, Peanut Arachis hypogaea f352
rAra h 9 LTP, Peanut Arachis hypogaea f427
rBer e 1 Brazil nut Bertholletia excelsa f354
nBos d 4 alpha-lactalbumin, Milk Bos spp. f76
nBos d 5 beta-lactoglobulin, Milk Bos spp. f77
nBos d 8 Casein, Milk Bos spp. f78
nBos d Lactoferrin, Milk Bos spp. f334
rCor a 1 PR-10, Hazel nut Corylus avellana f428
rCor a 8 LTP, Hazel nut Corylus avellana f425
nCor a 9, Hazel nut Corylus avellana f440
rCor a 14, Hazel nut Corylus avellana f439
rCyp c 1 Carp Cyprinus carpio f355
rGad c 1 Cod Gadus morhua f426
nGal d 1 Ovomucoid, Egg Gallus spp. f233
nGal d 2 Ovalbumin, Egg Gallus spp. f232
nGal d 3 Conalbumin, Egg Gallus spp. f323
rGly m 4 PR-10, Soy Glycine max f353
nGly m 5 beta-conglycinin, Soy Glycine max f431
nGly m 6 Glycinin Glycine max f432
rJug r 1 Walnut Juglans regia f441
rJug r 3 LTP, Walnut Juglans regia f442
rMal d 1 PR-10, Apple Malus domestica f434
rMal d 3 LTP, Apple Malus domestica f435
rPen a 1 Tropomyosin, Shrimp Penaeus aztecus f351
rPru p 1 PR-10, Peach Prunus persica f419 10
rPru p 3 LTP, Peach Prunus persica f420 10
rPru p 4 Profilin, Peach Prunus persica f421
rTri a 14 LTP, Wheat Triticum aestivum f433
rTri a 19 Omega-5 Gliadin, Wheat Triticum spp. f416
Gliadin f98

MUXF3 CCD, Bromelain o214

NGal-Alpha-1,3-Gal (Alpha-Gal) Thyroglobulin, Bovine, Bromelain o215

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