The correct procedure of using nasal spray!

How to use Allergy nasal spray correctly:

  1. Shake bottle well
  2. Bring your chin to your chest (look down)
  3. Breathe through your mouth (don’t sniff in!!!)
  4. When your insert the tip of the spray in your nostril, direct it towards the lower part of your ear on the same side Left nostril – Left ear and Right to Right (as demonstrated on the picture)
  5. Hold your breath, squirt once or twice as indicated in each side, remember when you spray the other side to direct the tip towards the ear on that side
  6. (not mandatory) After that if you can lie down you can lie on your front and look under your bed for 30 sec, this will let the medication flow to your frontal sinuses, then you can roll to your back and recline your head for another 30 sec to get it cover most of the lining of your nose


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