Are our allergies getting worse?

Are our allergies getting worse?

Are our allergies getting worse?

The year may have only just begun, but many of us are already looking forward to spring. It being just around the corner may conjure up pleasant thoughts of warmer weather and flowers blooming. But for some, it brings up unpleasant memories of itchy, watery eyes and runny noses. 

Plenty of hay fever sufferers say that their symptoms get worse every year. But is hay fever actually getting worse or is it just the individual’s reaction that gets worse? 

Eternal summer

In short, the answer can be both. When it comes to the pollen allergy (hay fever) example, our allergies are definitely worsening, but so is the amount of pollen. Warmer temperatures caused by global warming are extending our summers. The periods in which pollen is released are longer than usual, meaning more pollen is around for longer each summer

This is bad news for those with hay fever but also bad news for those who don’t. Leonard Bielroy, professor and allergy specialist at Rutgers University Center of Environmental Prediction, believes the more exposure you have to an allergen, the more likely you’ll become sensitised to it. 

We’re constantly changing

Allergies change with age. They might go away over time, or you may develop an allergy that you didn’t have in childhood. Both prolonged exposure to allergens and a weakened immune system are potential reasons why someone may develop an allergy, which could be a concern for the elderly. 

Allergies don’t just affect the elderly though; up to 10% of the UK population have a food allergy. And it doesn’t help that we don’t necessarily fully understand allergies. While we believe prolonged exposure to an allergen may trigger an allergic response, there is also evidence to suggest that avoiding allergens can trigger a response because your immune system is unfamiliar with the substance.

As time passes, our allergies are getting worse and are becoming more and more common in children. Many of the factors that make our allergies worse are unfortunately unavoidable, and with allergies in children being difficult for parents to spot, the safest bet is to get a test. 

If you want a test or would like advice on how to deal with your allergies, get in contact with Allergy Clinic London today on 02031 433 449.

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