Baby & Childrens Allergy Testing in London

Everything starts with a consultation with our doctor – paediatric allergy consultant.

Food allergy in infants and babies can be diagnosed using 2 methods. Firstly history and food diary, secondly instrumental and laboratory methods.

There is also one test that is occasionally used to confirm that a child is allergic – the food allergen challenge. This is performed in a hospital environment under constant observation of our allergy doctor.

When food allergy is confirmed, appropriate dietary advice is given. It is known that children can outgrow some types of food allergies and the repeat of the tests in some time can give the doctor information if a particular food can be reintroduced after a period of strict avoidance.

Private Allergy Testing with Allergy Consultant’s interpretation of results in any part of the UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

It is a reality and available for some conditions from the London Allergy and Immunology Centre NEW check it out

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