Contact Dermatitis Reaction to metals (Nickel, Gold), chemicals

Contact dermatitis is caused by inflammation of the skin or mucosa as a result of contact with a foreign substance over a period of time and lasts after discontinuation of that contact. It manifests as itchy rash, blisters, burning sensation, imprinting of the object (buckle, strap, ring) or trace of a contact with a plant. It is classified into irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, and photocontact dermatitis.

Irritants are responsible for about 80% of contact dermatitis, they have direct toxic effect and include chemicals, stinging plants, that can trigger the inflammation,

Allergic contact dermatitis is cause by an immune mechanism where T cells which recognise these contact allergens presented on skin cells cause cytotoxic effects of immune cells on these skin cells. Contact allergens can be organic chemicals or metal ions such as nickel or gold.

Sensitisation is an important step that primes immune system to cause inflammation after the contact with particular allergen.

Patch testing is used to diagnose this condition.

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There are options to substitute the metal that is causing the reaction with another metal (titanium or niobium), which are less likely to case a problem

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