Does my child have a pumpkin allergy?

pumpkin allergy

Does my child have a pumpkin allergy?

As we wave goodbye to autumn, we wave goodbye to Halloween too. A holiday of pure fun for the kids where they can indulge in sweets, dress up, and, best of all, pumpkin carving. In fact, pumpkins have become somewhat of a winter staple, with pumpkin-spiced lattes standing as one of the season’s hottest drinks.

But for some, pumpkins can trigger a reaction in their body. It might make some question if this is an allergic reaction. So how do you know if it’s an actual allergy?


First of all, if you suspect it’s an allergy, your GP or an allergy doctor are the ones to go to for medical advice. They will give you the appropriate tests and help you receive proper treatment.

Although a true pumpkin allergy is rare, it has been reported in the past. Symptoms can include itchy eyes, swollen eyelids, sneezing, and chest tightness, and can be brought on by either eating pumpkin or from carving one

Carving pumpkins

Pumpkins fall into the “winter squash” category, the same category as butternut squash. Butternut squash has, in the past, been known for causing skin irritation that can sometimes cause a contact dermatitis reaction, like pumpkin. Topical reactions can range from contact reactions to anaphylaxis, although this is rare.

You may be wondering why, when your child has eaten pumpkin in the past, they’re experiencing a reaction to their skin. It is possible for a reaction to occur when carving a pumpkin, despite having no prior reactions to eating pumpkin. It’s suggested that the changes to the pumpkins protein that happen during cooking is what makes it safe for some to eat, while raw pumpkin flesh can cause a skin reaction.

Allergies can be tricky to identify and can be the source of unnecessary worry. To put your mind at rest this holiday season, it’s best to get tested for any suspected allergies so you can practice caution and prevent any incidents from happening in the future.

We want everyone to enjoy the autumn, free of concern. Get in touch now to book an allergy test or get some further insight or advice on your allergies on 02031 433 449.

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