These everyday things could be making your allergies worse

making your allergies worse

These everyday things could be making your allergies worse

You’ll probably already know that going to a park for a picnic during hay-fever season might be making your allergies worse, but there are many things in our day to day that would never cross our minds as an aggravator of our symptoms. 

These seemingly insignificant things affect us all. We all get stressed sometimes. And we all get older. These factors can sometimes have an impact on our allergies – let’s look at how…


Seasonal allergies like hay fever are made worse by crises like climate change. As temperatures rise, trees release pollen up to three weeks earlier than usual, resulting in longer allergy seasons and worse air quality for those with a pollen allergy. 

Air pollution is another environmental factor that can make allergies worse. Although living in the countryside will expose you to more plant allergens, living in a smoggy city can be worse for your allergies due to the prolonged exposure to air pollution. The pollution can irritate your nose, making congestion or inflammation worse.  


Perhaps less surprisingly, stress has an effect on you too. When stressed, your body releases hormones, including histamines – the chemical that gives you all those pesky allergy symptoms – and makes your allergy symptoms worse. Although you’ll be relieved to hear that, while stress can make allergies worse, it won’t actually cause allergies.


You might think twice about having that extra glass of mulled wine this holiday season. Alcohol, particularly red wine, can worsen your allergies as it contains histamine. Regularly consuming products high in histamines can worsen all underlying allergies by increasing inflammation in the body

Alcohol also affects the production of an enzyme that helps break down histamines. It’s possible to have a sensitivity to sulphates, found in drinks like red wine and beer, or alcohol itself.


Unfortunately, ageing can make our allergies worse too. Your immune system is constantly changing, which makes it possible for you to lose tolerance towards allergens you once had no reaction to, such as pollen, foods, and medicines.

There are many factors that can affect your allergies, some of which you can’t avoid. If you’re ever worried about your health, seek an allergy specialist for advice on how to handle your allergies or for an allergy test.

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