Stay safe this Christmas; watch out for festive allergies

Festive allergies

Stay safe this Christmas; watch out for festive allergies

Whether you love or hate Christmas, you will likely come into contact with a Christmas tree, festive food, and allergy-triggering presents at some point during December. And while it might be a time for celebration and fun, you need to be wary of potential allergy triggers.

Deck the halls

Decorating at Christmas is one of the best parts, but you might want to stick to a plastic tree. Real pine trees can cause allergy symptoms to flare. While the tree itself might not be the main culprit, the particles that it attracts might be.

Trees can collect mould, dust, and other allergens like pollen or pet dander. If you think you might start sneezing instead of rocking around the Christmas tree choose an artificial tree instead. It’s also worth dusting decorations around the house to help keep it allergy-free.

The gift that keeps on giving

It’s not uncommon to receive at least one body product as a Christmas present, especially as supermarkets and drugstores sell gift sets. But be careful with the type of products you put on your skin. They may cause you discomfort if you’re allergic to certain ingredients or have contact dermatitis. If possible, ensure that your family and friends are clued up on your triggers.

Food glorious food

Food is quite possibly the best part of Christmas. From roast dinners to mince pies, there’s a lot to eat! But for those with food allergies, it can be a minefield. If you’re not in charge of cooking, be sure to alert whoever is of your allergies so that you can have peace of mind this Christmas.

Don’t put up with potential allergies, make sure you get allergy tested in the new year! Whether it’s winter or summer, allergies are difficult to avoid if you don’t know what your triggers are. Begin your allergy-free journey today.

Start the new year without worrying about itchy eyes, a runny nose, and hives. Request an allergy test today, or visit our website to find out more about your allergy problems.

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