Four bizarre allergies that actually exist


Four bizarre allergies that actually exist

Getting people to understand common allergies, such as peanuts or pollen, is difficult enough. Try explaining that you’re allergic to any surface a cockroach walks on or you’re allergic to the proteins found in raw fruit and vegetables.

There are many allergies that sound stranger than fiction. But it’s time to separate myth from fact and reveal some uncommon allergies that may not get the spotlight they deserve.


For those of us that live in the UK, cockroaches are rare and shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, holidays in hotter countries may cause a bit of bother. If you’re allergic, cockroach bodies and their waste can induce symptoms similar to hay fever, along with skin rashes.

Raw fruits and vegetables

For those wishing to eat a healthy diet, being allergic to raw fruits and vegetables can be a nightmare. Sadly, many people will question whether you’re allergic and say you’re being fussy.

The problem is called ‘oral allergy syndrome’ and causes itching, burning, and pain in the throat. It occurs when the body’s immune system reacts to the proteins found in fruits and vegetables.

Mobile phones

What could possibly cause a mobile phone allergy? Unfortunately, for some of us, our bodies react to the presence of nickel or low levels of radiation. It can lead to a skin reaction that causes redness, welts, and itching.

Allergy medicine

Being allergic to the very thing that can treat your allergies is a cruel twist of fate. Some people’s immune systems react to the dyes or other ingredients used in common allergy medication. Thankfully, allergists can provide alternatives to help you treat your allergies.

These are just a small handful of bizarre allergies that many people don’t even know exist. If you’re experiencing any allergy symptoms you’re unsure about, it’s worth visiting a professional who can diagnose and treat you.

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