How to cope with your allergies during the lockdown


How to cope with your allergies during the lockdown

The nation has been on lockdown for some time now and the nice weather has made it all the harder to stay indoors. Thankfully, the government has advised we can leave the house once a day for some exercise so you can get some fresh air and sun on your skin.

But for some, it’s a catch-22. Staying indoors for the lockdown can lower their mood, as it has for many, but outside might be just as bad for allergy sufferers. Some 13 million people suffer from hay fever in the UK, making it a miserable time indoors and out. But with these tips, you can go still enjoy the outdoors during the lockdown without driving your allergies too crazy.

Opening your windows

With the sun beating down on us day after day, you might be tempted to open your windows. It lets fresh air circulate through your home and sends in a nice breeze. If you suffer from hay fever, you can still do that, just be aware of what it might do.

Opening your windows gives pollen – or other allergens – a chance to get inside. Once there, it can stick to your clothes and furniture, meaning your allergies can kick in even when the window is closed. So if you do open them, use it sparingly.

The same goes for hanging your washing outside. Naturally dried clothes seem fresher, but they can have pollen on them. So you’ll have to weigh up the options and decide which you’d rather have.

Going outside

If you can’t resist the lure of a nice walk to stretch your legs and see some new scenery during the lockdown, then be careful. Similar to the above, you can bring pollen back inside with you. Consider buying some allergy medication beforehand, checking larger supermarkets who will be more likely to have them in stock now. Though if you have any concerns, check with a doctor before using them.

And if you have pets, the same goes for them. Dogs and cats can also bring pollen back with them, so give them a clean before letting them in the house and try to wash them at least once a week.

Keep on top of your cleaning

You could have your cake and eat it too; do the above and keep an allergen-free house. It just means you’ll have to clean more. Vacuum regularly to lift pollen from the carpets and wash more clothes to keep a healthy supply.

You might be cleaning more anyway, as you’ll be spending more times indoors than usual, thus making more of a mess. So you might be able to take care of two birds with one stone, as they say. And if you’re worried about hand sanitiser, which is still scarce in some places, just know that regular hand soap is more effective for dealing with pollen, making it perfectly fine to use if you haven’t left the house.

It’s a difficult time for many and allergies don’t make it easier. But if we work together, we can make it through this okay. If you have any health concerns about your allergy, always consult with a doctor before taking any drastic measures.

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