How to handle your allergies on holiday abroad

allergies on holiday

How to handle your allergies on holiday abroad

Many of us have been cooped up for well over a year. As the world tentatively starts to open up, plenty of people will be itching to get away on a good old holiday abroad. Sandy beaches, cool pools, and some luxury food and drink. It sounds like a break we all need.

But for people with allergies, a holiday to a foreign country is full of unknowns. Between the food and the different environment, it can be a bit of a gamble. So what can you do to ensure you stay safe while abroad?

On the plane

The main allergy worry at airports and on planes is the food. Each airline will have its own policy on food allergies. The easiest recommendation is to say take your own food. Take your time in the terminal looking at your options at the various restaurants and cafes.

Other than that, keep your medicine with you in your hand luggage. Keep everything in its original packaging with your prescription so you can prove you need it. Some countries will have different restrictions on certain medications, so check ahead of time that it’s actually allowed.

In the hotel

Some people like to take their own bedding in case the hotel uses a product their body doesn’t agree with. Certain detergents can set you off in a rash, so packing some bedding and even taking a pillow can save you from two weeks of suffering. This also go for any complimentary toiletries, so take your own with you.

Out and about, you have to be careful of any foreign substances that might trigger your allergies. You never know if a certain insect or plant will cause you to break out or go into shock. Take plenty of insect repellent to keep them at bay.

When it comes to food allergies, the language barrier might be a huge issue. You can get translation cards that give you the phrases you need to convey the allergy attack. It’s also worth making hotel staff aware of any serious conditions either ahead of time or when you get there. You could even buy a bracelet with you or your child’s allergy on it in various languages, just in case.

Travelling abroad can be a scary experience for anyone with an allergy. But it doesn’t have to ruin your time. By being prepared and taking everything you might need, you can ensure you stay safe. If you ever have any doubts, talk to an allergy or medical professional about their advice.

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