Molecular allergy test Immunocap ISAC Allergy Testing in London tests for Allergy UK wide

Allergy Testing in London tests for Allergy UK wide

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If you’re terrified of peanut butter or your child has to sit at the non-peanut table in the school cafeteria, there’s a new peanut allergy test that could change all that. ISAC molecular allergy test by Phadia can better diagnose peanut allergies and their severity.

It is the first and only peanut allergy molecular test.

Some parents may find their children are dangerously allergic to peanuts, mildly allergic, or not allergic at all.

Phadia, the global leader in allergy and autoimmune disease-related diagnostics, demonstrates how ImmunoCAP Molecular Allergy can help improve the diagnosis and management of food allergy.

With heightened awareness of the impact, prevalence, cost, and severity of food allergies, ImmunoCAP Molecular Allergy provides physicians and patients with information at the molecular level to aid in the diagnosis and management of food allergies.

Laboratories play an important role in providing physicians with accurate and reliable data. Phadia is supporting this need by extending its leadership role in allergy diagnosis and management by educating laboratory professionals about the clinical utility of the use of ImmunoCAP ISAC Molecular Allergy testing.

Specific IgE RAST test 112 food and aero allergens – Allergy Testing in London tests for Allergy UK wide

If you want to have an allergy test done before you see a consultant in London or you live far away and want to use our remote allergy testing program

please start with filling in ISAC allergy symptoms questionnaire.

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