Rhinosinusitis, nasal polyposis, and allergy: guidelines and resourses


Non allergic chronic conditions of the nose (rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps)  often mimic allergic inflamation. Our consultants can diagnose treat both. We have allergy consultants who deal with allergy and ENT surgeons(Ear Nose Throat) who deals with non-allergic problems. There are special examinations that can be performed in ENT hospital – nasal endoscopy is a method when nose is examined with a camera and a sorse of light in a thin flexible tube, passed through nostril. This method doe not do much discomfort and the ENT surgeon can see what is going on inside and in many cases find the cause of the problem. Allergy tests are also helpful to exclude allergy as the main cause of rhinitis (running or blocked nose);(more information is given in allergy testing section).

There are many appoaches that can be implemented to deal with nasal problems from simple nasal drops and sprays to sophisticated surgical methods. You can see our ENT consultants’ profile and make appointment HERE


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