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The skin prick test is one of the main diagnostic allergy tests for allergic problems of the nose, eyes, grass, mould, dust and animal allergies (hay fever), allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, food allergies and drug allergies




London Allergy and Immunology Centre offers allergy testing during your appointment with our experienced allergy consultant with full interpretation of results. This test will take around 15 minutes and we will provide results to you on the same day.

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The skin prick test is an important tool that our consultants use in clinics and it is validated with positive and negative controls. The test is performed with commercially produced allergen extracts (grasses, trees, animal, mould, food) usually not more than 10 – 15 at a time.

Skin prick test is called prick to prick test when it is done with fresh or cooked food (fruits, nuts, spices, etc). Sometimes when food allergy is suspected both tests are done at the same time. (If you suspect allergy to certain foods you can bring them with you in individual bags).

The skin prick test is very safe and can be done in adults, children and even very small babies. It is not painful as a small metal pricker just scratches the upper layer of the skin with a drop of allergen.

In the hands of our experienced paediatric allergy consultants this test is actually loved by babies and small kids as it is not painful and quite amusing for them.

The best thing about the skin allergy testing from London Allergy and Immunology Centre?  Your results are ready within 15 minutes.

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Allergy Testing Available throughout the UK

We also offer other allergy testing methods that can be done in any part of the UK by sending a sample to our labs in London or Manchester. Find out more about our home IgE allergy testing screening -112 Allergens in one test.

Blood and skin prick test are used to diagnose your allergy but can detect different things.

IgE tests (blood tests) are measuring free IgE antibodies that circulate in the blood stream (this is why taking antihistamines will not influence the result).

Skin prick test ‘looks’ at the full loop of an allergic reaction. From application of the allergen to the skin to release of histamine. It actually measures the effects of histamine that causes slight swelling and redness. This is why this test is done in our centre only by consultants as a lot of expertise is needed to interpret results in light of allergy history and reactivity of the skin.

Skin allergy testing very often is done in parallel with blood tests ImmunoCAP Specific IgE or Biochip Molecular allergy test ISAC.

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