Three tips for dealing with allergies at work

Allergies at work

Three tips for dealing with allergies at work

With so many potential allergens out there, it’s not surprising that allergies are so common. To be precise, around 21 million adults in the UK have at least one allergy. While you can set up an allergy-free, safe haven for yourself at home, at work you can find yourself stuck. 

In some cases, you’ll be in your office every day and may have little to no control over your surroundings. So regardless of whether it’s hay fever, food allergies, or some wildcard allergen, what are some things you can do to make your work life more breezy and a little less sneezy?


You can’t expect your coworkers to be considerate of your allergy if they don’t even know it exists. Make an effort to let people know you’re struggling and why. This way, they’ll be able to help you out and prevent making it worse. 

You might be surprised by how understanding people are, and how willing they’ll be to make your life easier. You just have to educate and ask. 


While you might be unable to completely change your work environment, you can prepare yourself to better tackle the working day. If you suffer from hay fever, routinely take your antihistamines from the beginning of hay fever season onwards. This way you reduce the potential of being blindsided by streaming eyes and a fit of sneezes during the Monday morning meeting. Similarly, come equipped with tissues, eye drops, or anything else you know will bring relief. 

If your allergy is more severe, always have any emergency treatment like epinephrine on hand, and plans in place should the worst-case scenario happen. The more you prepare yourself and those around you, the easier things will be. 


Almost a third of allergy sufferers have to change their lifestyles to reduce reactions, and work doesn’t have to be any different. If you’re a hay fever sufferer but sit near a window, ask if you can swap with someone else. You can also rearrange your desk space so that any allergy essentials are nearby, and handy at all times. If there’s a ‘bring your dog to work’ day but you know you’re allergic, ask if you can work from home that day.

If you suffer from allergies, work can seem like a daily struggle. It’s not your space and you can’t keep it free of all potential allergens. But by communicating with your co-workers, preparing yourself, and changing your surroundings to make the best of it, you can make your work life that little bit easier. Reserve stresses and sleepless nights for getting that promotion, not worrying about your eyes tearing up during a massive deadline. 

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