What winter allergies could you have?

winter allergies

What winter allergies could you have?

Winter is practically here! And it’s plenty of people’s favourite time of year. Whether it’s the festivities that puts them in a happy mood or they simply prefer the cold, it’s certain to make some people feel very jolly indeed.

Not everyone shares that sentiment, though. Yes, some hate the cold and others could pass on the holiday season. But there are also those that associate this time of year with allergies and aggravation. What kind of allergies could even start up in winter? Let’s look at some potential culprits and what the real reason behind your reactions might be.


We’ll start with a strange one. Can you be allergic to snow? While anything might be technically possible with allergies, it’s probably not the snow causing it. Not directly, at least.

There’s a condition called ‘cold urticaria’. This is a sensitivity to cold weather that results in red, itchy skin, swelling, and potentially even anaphylaxis. All after being exposed to the cold. It’s a rare condition, but don’t be so quick to blame that snowman you built!

Christmas tree

This one is similar to snow, in that it might not exactly be the tree you’re allergic to. In fact, it might be something the tree is carrying that’s setting your allergies off.

Some people call it ‘Christmas tree syndrome’. The idea is that natural trees can harbour mold spores or fungi that sneak into your home. These then cause an increase in allergic reactions. For fake Christmas trees, it might be that they’ve picked up lots of dust or mold in storage, also setting off your sensitivities. The best advice is to make sure the tree is cleaned thoroughly before putting it up.


A Christmas favourite, can this festive bird cause allergic reactions? According to one study, it’s not impossible, but also not very likely. In fact, it’s so rare that there aren’t really any figures for how many people have it.

Regardless, keep your eye on the food you’re eating and if it’s causing any issues. It could be another ingredient or something else entirely.

Don’t let your allergies drag you down this holiday season. Stay safe, stay wrapped up warm, and stay away from anything that might trigger your allergies. If you have any concerns, why not speak to an allergy specialist to give you the ultimate peace of mind?

If you think you have an undiagnosed allergy, get in touch with one of our experts. They can help you find any sensitivities and let you know how to treat them. Register for an appointment or reach us on 02031 433 449.

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