Why everyone should be tested for allergies

Allergy tests

Why everyone should be tested for allergies

There are countless allergens in the environment and although the public has a general awareness of allergies, they, unfortunately, don’t know enough. A lot of us don’t really have a deeper understanding of how exactly allergies work. Allergens go beyond the common pollen allergies or a sneeze when around a pet dog. Often times allergens are hiding in plain sight, part of common products in everyday life such as plasters or medicine. It’s why allergy tests are so critical. We shouldn’t just expect hives, runny noses, or severe side effects like anaphylaxis as the norm. There’s a lot more to us underneath the surface.


Allergies can often go ignored and are not talked about enough. This has become evident in the way we live in the contemporary world. Many individuals opt to go gluten-free or avoid certain chemicals. While this is a personal choice and not to be judged, it has inadvertently created a culture in which allergens and intolerances are being undermined.

However, these trends could be seen to bring things like gluten allergies to the forefront of the public’s minds. Even 10 years ago not many people knew about the prevalence of gluten and gluten intolerances. It has no doubt led to more people realising they are living with a condition they didn’t realise they had. And that still may not be enough.


A factor that isn’t highlighted enough is that some allergens are often something we wouldn’t consider to be a risk. With events like Bonfire Night, Christmas, and New Year’s coming up, there’ll be a lot of fireworks. Although firework displays are fun they aren’t always fun for those with conditions like asthma, as well as those with respiratory allergies, especially if the air is damp as smoke can linger for longer.


Another significant component of allergies to highlight is that a reaction doesn’t always occur immediately. This means that without knowing it you may experience a severe reaction later on in the day. Without knowledge about your allergies, you risk putting yourself in danger of an anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly.


It’s also critical to highlight that individuals are vulnerable to developing up an allergy at any age. Even if you didn’t react at all to pollen as a child, you might be struck with a sudden case of a runny nose and watery eyes in your mid-thirties. And with more chemicals being used to grow our food and used in our cosmetics, allergy tests are essential.

Allergies need to be taken seriously and, with the right knowledge and tools, you lower the risk tenfold of danger if you are aware of your allergies. You’ll be aware of what to avoid and what to do in an emergency. We highly recommend allergy tests as soon as possible.

Request an allergy test today or contact us for more details. Find out once and for all if you really do have an allergy or not and start living a more comfortable future.

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