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Hay Fever Treatment

GRAZAX  (tablets)  is a registered product for sublingual immunotherapy in the UK

Sub-lingual SIT with grass pollen extract

Treatment for hay fever caused by sensitisation to Timothy Grass

Information about this medication can be obtained from manufactures’s website

Efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy was confirmed for the first time in Double Blind Placebo Controlled trial in the UK in 1986
(Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy World Allergy Organization Position Paper 2009)


Allergy consultant may prescribe Sublingual (under the tongue) desensitisation immunotherapy.

Patients are given tablets containing grass pollen daily, during several years they become desensitised and hay fever symptoms diminish.

A recent Cochrane meta-analysis of 42 studies showed a significant reduction in symptoms and medication requirements. It also shows efficacy in children.

Grazax is registered and available in the UK on prescription from allergy specialist.

(As any medication it has indications and contraindications)

It has had incredible results with symptoms gone within a season. But it has to be taken for minimum three years to ensure long-term relief.

This medication is very safe and is taken at home with periodic reviews by your allergist.

( First dose must be taken under supervision in the allergy clinic).

GRAZAX is effective hay fever treatment during the first hay fever season.

It needs to be started at least four months before the season and must be taken every day for 3 consecrative years. On private prescription is is up to £100-£150 a month depending on the pharmacy.

Grazax is taken once daily in the same time.

Tablet is placed under tongue for 2 minutes without swallowing.

Hay fever treatment is usually started after the end of grass pollen season (not later than 4 month before the next pollen season) and is continued al the year round minimum for 3 years.

There are other products for sub-lingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy manufactured in Europe by several pharmaceutical companies.

If you are interested to see allergy consultant and discuss options for hay fever treatment please book an appointment


After your request the practice manager of a selected consultant will contact you with the details of your appointment.
We will reply to your e-mail request within one day and the waiting list to see our consultants is not more than 1 week

Desensitisation to other allergens (birch, plane, cats, dogs, house dust mite)

Allergen Specific Immunotherapy ASIT can be in the form of sub-lingual drops SLIT or sub cutaneous injections SCIT (allergy shots)
Read more about different methods of immunotherapy.

Specific immunotherapy is a method of treatment (desensitisation) that influences the cause of allergic condition. It us used to treat allergy to to bee and wasp venom (subcutaneous treatment), allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and allergic asthma, caused by sensitisation to airborne allergens (subcutaneous or sublingual)

We routinely desensitise patients to the following allergens in our centre using sublingual route:

  • grasses
  • trees,
  • weeds,
  • house dust mite,
  • cats,
  • dogs

If you are interested to see a specialist and discuss options of treatment please Book an appointment.

We welcome new private patients for sublingual and subcutaneous treatment (SLIT or SCIT) and accept patients for continuation of their treatment who have started immunotherapy (allergy shots) in other counties the US, Europe mainland, Australia, New Zealand and are moving to the UK – London or nearby areas. (We will need to contact your doctor who has started the treatment, subject to vaccine availability).

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