Dr_Clark_London_Allergy_and_Immunology_CentreDr Andrew Clark: Paediatric Allergy Consultant, Cambridge

Dr Andrew Clark has been a consultant in paediatric allergy at Addenbrooke’s Hospital since 2003, having obtained  MD Thesis in Allergy in the same year. Dr Clark now runs the paediatric allergy service at Addenbrooke’s and this is complemented by a broad UK Government funded research portfolio. Dr Clark’s most recent exciting area of research is developing oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy. He is currently directing a £1M trial with 100 children to determine whether this treatment will be safe and effective for future clinical use.

In 2010 Dr Clark’s name appeared on ‘The Times’ magazine list of Top UK Doctors. He has an active role in our national parent allergy organisation (BSACI) as Chair of the Standards of Care Committee (charged with producing allergy guidelines medical care). Dr Clark is Co-Chair of the Taskforce on the Allergic Child in School, which produces European Guidelines for school allergy management. He is an expert advisor to the national patient support group, the Anaphylaxis Campaign and expert advisor to the UK Government Committee on Toxicity as they reconsider the advice regarding peanut ingestion in pregnancy and early life. Families may find his recent ‘Q and A’ session at ‘Mumsnet’ of some use as it addresses many commonly raised issues.


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