Epipen Renew Reminder of Expiry date; Video how and when to use Adrenaline?

Reminder to renew your EpiPen

If your EpiPen® (adrenaline) auto-injector is out of date, you must replace it immediately.

Register your EpiPen by filling in short form providing your phone number and you will receive

  • Expiry alert via text message or e-mail
  • 4 weeks prior to the expiration of your EpiPen ® (adrenaline) Auto-Injector
  • 2 weeks prior to the expiration of your EpiPen ® (adrenaline) Auto-Injector
  • the day after the expiration of your EpiPen ® (adrenaline) Auto-Injector

Origin of the EpiPen

The Epipen (originally called “ComboPen” while developing the design concept) was designed to supplement the company’s AtroPen auto-injector. The Atropen (called AstroPen when used by NASA), could only be used with drugs that could be made stable while in contact with stainless steel, such as Atropine. (The company wanted a system that would deliver a larger volume of any drug, and had hoped to use a plastic container to avoid the risk of glass breakage. However the vapor transmission rates through plastics were too high, so we subsequently learned how to deal with glass.). It was a collaboration between the inventors of the AtroPen, which could inject atropine and the US military.

Shel Kaplan (primary inventor – US Patent 4,031,893)
In 1962, SHELDON KAPLAN JOINED ASME after graduating with a B.S.M.E. degree from Northeastern University. His membership was active until  September 2009, when he passed away after a valiant battle with liver cancer. Kaplan was 70 years old.

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