Can having an allergy ever be a good thing?


Can having an allergy ever be a good thing?

Allergies are a nuisance that won’t go away. Some 20% of the UK population have an allergy of some kind – that’s over 13 million people. And the number of people with an allergy seems to keep growing.

We have to be careful about any allergic reactions as they can lead to anaphylaxis which can result in death. They’re serious business. But during this time, why don’t we look at the silver lining? Are there any positives to having an allergy?

Is having an allergy a good thing?

There are plenty of ideas about how allergies might be good for you – though we will say upfront, these are still just theories. One of the main theories is that allergies are a sign of a healthy immune system. So healthy, in fact, you could call it overactive!

It’s a sign of your body trying to fix you and keep you healthy. The idea is it is your body’s response to getting rid of something it doesn’t want. Some even say it’s an evolutionary benefit from centuries ago and was our body’s way of dealing with particularly harmful parasites.

At the end of the day, an allergic reaction is a sign your body is doing a good job. While you might find the symptoms uncomfortable and while anaphylaxis is deadly, they are warning signs to us to stay away from certain foods, materials, or animals. Take your body’s warning and listen to it!

Anything else?

There are also studies out there that show allergies can help with other illnesses. One says allergies put sufferers at lower risk of brain tumours. Why? That’s not 100% certain. But researchers say – again – it might be because their immune system is used to working harder.

Another study claimed hay fever and asthma sufferers were less likely to develop colorectal cancer. None of these studies and theories are entirely accurate, so take them all with a big pinch of salt. But they do go to show how it isn’t all bad for people with allergies.

Don’t take yours for granted. Always be safe with whatever you do and make sure your allergy gets the attention it deserves. Look out for any allergens and consider an allergy test if you think something is playing with your immune system.

We are dedicated to protecting people with allergies and helping them discover what allergens are holding them back. If you would like to talk to a professional about your allergy concerns, feel free to get in touch on 02031 433 449.

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