Christmas food allergies: what to look out for

Christmas food allergies

Christmas food allergies: what to look out for

If you ask people what their favourite part of the festive season is, a good majority will no doubt say the food. In fact, 75% of Brits just can’t wait to gorge themselves on a Christmas feast!

But for people with food allergies, it can be another minefield – especially if you have to trust someone else to do the cooking. And which of your favourite dishes can you even eat? Let’s look at some of the likely foods you’ll have piling up on your plate and what potential allergens they might contain.


The perfect accompaniment to a few slices of turkey, stuffing is a staple around the Christmas dinner table. But a key ingredient is often breadcrumbs, which will affect those with a gluten intolerance.

And depending on the kind of stuffing, it may also have traces of nuts and festive fruits, such as cranberries. You can make your own stuffing and substitute the breadcrumbs with cornmeal or quinoa, and replace the nuts with dried fruits (as long as you aren’t allergic to them).

Sauces and gravy

What would the meal be without a sauce or gravy lavished over it all? But make sure to triple-check the ingredients as you never know what’s in them.

Whether it’s cranberry sauce or a meat gravy, they can be embellished with extras such as nuts to give it that extra texture. They could also have other types of fruit that you may be allergic to.

Christmas pudding

Many people love to round out the Christmas dinner with a traditional pudding. But there are plenty of ingredients that could be in there that you need to look out for. This also goes for all kinds of desserts you might dig into.

Of course, when it comes to cake, flour is a major ingredient. This isn’t great news for people with gluten sensitivities. A Christmas pudding is also likely to be stuffed with various fruits, nuts, and dairy.

It might be worth a trip down the free-from aisle at your local supermarket (if they have one). Around this time of year, they’ll no doubt have a range of festive treats sure to be free of certain allergens. Take a good look at the ingredients to see which best suits you.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be safe to dig into your Christmas feast this year. With some extra vigilance – and some elbow grease if you’re making your own food from scratch – you can make sure everyone has a fantastic time. Just don’t eat too much!

We want you to have the safest festive period possible. If you have any allergy concerns, our allergy experts are always here to help. Get in touch with us today on 02031 433 449.

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