Tips for explaining your allergies

Explaining your allergies

Tips for explaining your allergies

Each year in the UK, 5,000 people are hospitalised because of their allergies. An average of 10 people die because of an allergic reaction. It’s hard enough trying to manage your allergy without having to explain it to others. So spare a thought for those with less common allergies. They have an even harder time explaining their needs, often being mistaken as fussy, and treated poorly.

The issue here lies in a lack of education regarding allergies, and hopefully, future efforts to spread awareness will pay off. Until then, here are a few tips on how to educate your friends, family, and anyone else you come into contact with on your allergies.

Doctor’s advice

While you shouldn’t have to over-explain your allergy needs to anyone, and people should be courteous, sometimes it can help to inform whoever you are dealing with that your requests directly result from advice from your doctor. You shouldn’t need to do this, but it gives credibility in situations where you might not be taken seriously due to ignorance, which can be dangerous.


Sometimes you might come across someone who doesn’t fully understand what it means to have an allergy. Explaining how your allergy works and how it can affect you is an excellent way to be a part of raising awareness. Most people do not dismiss people with allergies on purpose; rather it’s a lack of understanding that needs to be addressed to potentially save lives in the future.

Learn the facts about your allergy

It’s hard to explain your needs if you have a limited understanding of your own allergy. People will inevitably have questions, and as long as they aren’t too invasive or personal, it’s sometimes best to answer them so people can be more understanding of other’s needs. Things to consider are:

  • What causes you to have an allergic reaction?
  • How can they help you?
  • Where is your EpiPen and how to use it?
  • Is there treatment available for your allergy?
  • How you prevent an allergic reaction?

Simple questions and answers like this can go a long way in ensuring you feel safe in everyday environments. These are just some ways you can make the experience of explaining your allergy to others less exhausting and more effective, easing your day-to-day life with an allergy.

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