Four common questions about food allergies answered

questions about food allergies

Four common questions about food allergies answered

It’s estimated around two million people in the UK are living with a food allergy and the numbers are rising. Having a food allergy can be nerve-wracking at the best of times and terrifying at the worst. 

But by learning as much as we can about our allergies, we can have much better control over how we handle them and feel much more confident about visiting new restaurants, going to new places, and going about our day-to-day lives. Here are some of the most common questions about food allergies answered. 

Have I suddenly developed a food allergy? 

It is definitely possible to develop an allergy. New allergies appearing in adulthood aren’t uncommon. For example, even if you’ve eaten eggs for your whole life, you can still develop an allergy to them. But there’s no way to know for certain until you get a test.

I think I’ve outgrown my allergy, can I try reintroducing it into my diet? 

No. While it’s very possible to grow out of your allergy, it’s not worth the risk. Allergies can also become worse over time, meaning you could suffer a life-threatening reaction. But if you’re really keen to try reintroducing a food you’re allergic to back into your diet, only do it with the permission and under the supervision of an allergist.

Can antihistamines stop anaphylaxis? 

No. They work too slowly for severe reactions. And antihistamines are generally intended for controlling milder reactions like a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. If you ever suspect you’re having an anaphylactic reaction, seek immediate professional help. 

What if I use my EpiPen but haven’t actually had an allergic reaction?

It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s generally better to use your EpiPen than to hope it isn’t an allergic reaction.

Food allergies are more common now than ever before. And while science doesn’t yet know the reasons behind it, it’s important to stay informed so we can stay as happy and in control of our lives as possible.

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