Is it possible that my allergy just disappeared?

Is it possible that my allergy just disappeared?

While we know that allergy symptoms occur when your immune system overreacts to what it considers a foreign substance, a large amount about allergies remains unknown. In a lot of ways, they’re a mystery we have to either live with or we don’t.

Or in some cases, maybe you live with them for a season or two. And then they disappear just as stealthily as they came. But can an allergy actually disappear?

A change in severity

Often, rather than disappearing altogether, what you’re actually experiencing is a change in your allergy’s severity.

Allergies can vary massively from season to season and from allergen to allergen. One summer, your hay fever could have you struggling to leave the house. But the next, you could barely notice so much as a single sniff. Similarly, while one dog could have your eyes puffy and nose running, another could trigger no reaction whatsoever.

There’s no predicting what each season will bring for you and your allergies, but perhaps that’s just the spontaneity you need to spice up your life!

It’s gone altogether

Sometimes, it’s assumed that people simply grow accustomed to a certain allergen. That after enough exposure, their body becomes used to it and stops overreacting to its presence.

This is why with some food allergies, maintaining low-level exposure and increasing this over time can eventually encourage a tolerance. It works in a similar way to a vaccination immunising you to a certain virus or bacteria.

Egg, milk, soy, and wheat are some of the most common allergens to outgrow. And around 20% of children with a peanut allergy will have outgrown it by the time they start school. Although, given the great risk of anaphylaxis in severe allergies, this isn’t a recommended method for getting rid of allergies. And only by visiting a doctor can you confirm that an allergy has in fact been outgrown.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you for certain whether your allergy is here to stay or just a temporary visitor. But by doing some research and booking yourself in for a test, you can take back control over your allergy, and equip yourself with the insight needed to manage it moving forward.

While the nature of allergies remains largely unknown, your individual triggers don’t have to. To book an allergy test today, give us a call on 02031 433 499.

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