Managing your pet allergies

Pet allergies

Managing your pet allergies

Whether you already had a pet or surprised the kids with one this Christmas, it can be challenging when you suffer from pet allergies. Sometimes you can develop a new allergy out of the blue, and suddenly your family dog sends you sneezing.

But you might not need to banish pets from your home just yet. There are several ways to manage your symptoms while still having a furry friend around.


Pet allergies are caused by the body reacting to the proteins that are in animal skin cells, saliva, or urine. The allergy itself is triggered by exposure to the dander and fur. Symptoms typically include itchy eyes or an itchy throat, sneezing, and hives. As with other allergies, the best treatment is to avoid exposure to triggers. But if you’re an animal lover, this can be difficult.

Managing your allergy

If you do have a pet or want one, like a cat, you can make your allergy more manageable by regularly cleaning, especially rugs and carpets. Avoid letting your pet into every area of the house, especially the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Washing your pet regularly too can also help to reduce the amount of allergens on fur by 84%. If your allergies flare up too much when doing this, we recommend taking your pet to be cleaned professionally.

With animals like reptiles, you could be allergic to their food, so handle with care. Or, if anyone else is willing, have them feed the pet.


While there are ways to have a pet and manage your symptoms, it’s critical to be wary and assess the seriousness of your allergy. For some people, overexposure can cause complications such as sinus infections. Nasal passages can become inflamed due to the effect your allergy has on the hollow cavities connected to them. This can cause a bacterial infection to develop, most likely sinusitis. If you have asthma, exposure to your allergies can trigger asthma attacks.

Getting allergy tested is critical. If you think you are suffering from a pet allergy, being tested means you can find out once and for all what is causing you issues. Once you know what is causing your body to react, you can begin your journey to living an allergy-free life.

We can help you to find out what allergies you have and help you to try different treatments and methods to keep you breathing easy. Request an allergy test today or contact us on 02031 433449  to find out how we can help.

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