The one thing everyone needs to know about allergies


The one thing everyone needs to know about allergies

There’s a lot to learn about allergies. There are different types, different reactions, and sometimes we’re not allergic just intolerant. As research develops, there continues to be more and more to learn about allergies, including new treatments, budding insight into the causes, and research towards potential cures. 

Luckily, we’ve covered a lot of these topics in our blog already, so you can take a look. But if there’s one thing we would want everyone to take away from us, it’s that allergies can kill. 

More than a runny nose

For those with potentially fatal allergies, it’s an everyday fact of life. But too many people, even those with their own allergies, don’t understand the extent of the danger. They disregard the severity of the condition even though we see it clearly in our everyday lives.

The news and social media are often full of stories about how allergies continue to affect young people’s lives. It can be such a problem it scares children from going to school as other children use allergies to taunt or threaten them, or simply have a disregard for anti-allergy policy in school. 

Allergy anxiety and bullying

One story told of a young girl whose classmates would regularly eat peanuts in class, despite the school’s anti-peanut policy. Classmates would pretend to pour peanuts on her, or throw them at her, to the point where thinking about turning up to school gave her severe anxiety. The teachers did nothing. 

Behaviour like this is often a result of a complete lack of understanding on how dangerous allergies really are. A child thinking they’re making a ‘funny’ joke in front of their friends could have resulted in the death of someone’s daughter. And this isn’t an isolated incident. 

Allergies are not a joke. They can cause life-altering reactions and even death, and they are only becoming more common. In the UK, around 10 people die from food-induced anaphylaxis alone, and there are around 1,500 asthma deaths. Many people who die or suffer ‘near miss’ reactions have no idea they are even at risk. It’s more important than ever for children, adults, and teachers to know the risks of allergies and enforce rules implemented to protect vulnerable children. 

We know allergies can have a devastating impact on children and families. It’s what drives us to hire the best consultants, and use cutting-edge research to provide the most advanced treatments and tests for our patients. To book an appointment with one of our consultants, call us on 0203 143 3449, or visit our website

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