Perfect gifts for people with allergies (and some you should avoid!)

gifts for people with allergies

Perfect gifts for people with allergies (and some you should avoid!)

Birthdays. Weddings. Christmas. Easter. There are plenty of times throughout the year where we have to buy gifts for people. It’s a great thing to do! The look on someone’s face when you get them the perfect present is amazing.

But actually figuring out what the perfect present is… that’s the hard part. And it can get even more complicated when that person has one or more allergies. With 44% of the adult population in the UK having an allergy, the chances are it could be a problem. But we’ve put together a list of awesome gifts you can buy for your allergy-suffering friends – and some you should definitely avoid.

Great gifts

We’ll start by saying this depends on how well you know them. If you’re good friends or family members, you probably have a good idea of their likes and dislikes. You can’t go wrong with buying them a game or a movie they enjoy. But there are some great alternatives if you’re not sure.

You can buy them devices for around the home. A humidifier is great for people with airborne allergies such as hay fever. It can even help with asthma. Adding some humidity can do wonders for your nasal passages and keep them clear. It’s a similar thing with an air purifier. You could also consider a new vacuum cleaner, especially if it claims to be allergy-friendly.

Then there’s a whole host of hypoallergenic goodies, such as hypoallergenic pillows, makeup, or jewellery. And if you know their exact allergy, you can buy them stuff suited to them. You could even go as far as making them a gift basket filled with gluten-free, nut-free, or dairy-free snacks. Or let them make their own food – get them a nice bread maker or an allergy-related cookbook.

Poor presents

There aren’t really any specific gifts we would say you shouldn’t buy. It’s more that you should just be careful with the general gifts you buy. If you know they have allergies but aren’t sure what they are exactly, you should stay away from some of these.

Flowers are a popular gift, especially for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. But they can set someone off sneezing, so it’s best to avoid. You could always go for an upmarket silk variety. Not only do they look good, they last longer too.

And when you can’t think of what gift to buy, it’s always easy to get them a selection box of chocolate. This could be dangerous if they have a peanut allergy or dairy intolerance. They might even have to throw the gift away, which is just a waste of money. Instead, you could opt for an allergy-free selection to stay safe. 

So if you’ve been scratching your head about what to get someone, we hope this list has helped you. If you don’t know much about their allergies, why not ask? It’s always great to open the conversation up about allergies and learn about how they affect us all. And who knows, it might just give you a perfect gift idea for next time.

Whether you have an allergy or not, you should always be aware of how they affect our lives. If you have any allergy concerns, feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists on 02031 433 449.

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