The foods that may make your hay fever worse

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The foods that may make your hay fever worse

Our diet affects almost everything. We all know how it can help or hurt our physical health, but did you know it could also worsen or alleviate hay fever symptoms? That’s because some foods contain higher levels of histamine, the chemical our body releases in response to our allergies. They give us all those uncomfortable symptoms that drive us mad. 

To stop your symptoms from getting worse, it’s best to avoid high histamine foods. Here are four common culprits that might not be helping you during this hay fever season.


Dairy products can be taxing on our immune systems. And when they’re weak, it can cause an overreaction to pollen and make existing symptoms worse. To fight hay fever, it’s important to have as strong an immune system as possible. This is possibly why vitamin C helps combat symptoms of allergic rhinitis.


It may be time to replace your morning coffee with decaf. Caffeine is naturally high in histamines, which can worsen hay fever symptoms. Excess caffeine may even cause liver congestion, making it even worse still, as well as causing other problems. 


Nothing sounds better than sitting in the garden with a beer or a glass of wine on a warm, sunny evening. But sadly, beer, wine, and liquor all contain histamines that are produced during the fermentation process. Alcohol also suppresses the immune system. So, similar to dairy, anything that weakens this will make symptoms more of a chore.


While nuts may seem like the perfect snack, they’re packed full of histamines too. So it may be best to lay off cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and almonds until your symptoms become more manageable. Nuts like hazelnuts, pecans, and macadamia nuts are less likely to trigger symptoms as they contain lower levels of histamine. 

While no food will ever cure your hay fever, avoiding certain foods may help prevent your symptoms from getting worse. Always check with your doctor or allergist before making any lifestyle changes. 

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