Three questions to ask yourself when choosing an allergy doctor

Allergy doctor

Three questions to ask yourself when choosing an allergy doctor

Allergies can have a serious impact on our lives. They can feel invasive and leave us feeling out of control. That’s the reality for 20% of the UK’s population – more people suffer with an allergy in the UK than live in Greece.

If you’re one of the millions of people with an allergy, you might have decided to regain some control by finding an allergy doctor. Your allergy doctor will have an important role in your life, so it’s important you find one that suits you and your needs. Here are three important questions you should ask when choosing your allergy specialist.

What’s their experience?

Many feel more comfortable choosing health professionals with years of experience. Especially if you have a serious allergy or health conditions alongside your allergies. It’s important you research allergy doctors and practices online to look for the credentials and experience they have. Reviews from past or current patients can be helpful, too.

If you’re struggling to research allergy doctors, you can always ask for recommendations. Your GP, friends, or family may have some experience and know who best to recommend.

Are you comfortable with them?

Your comfort and health always come first. Ensure you feel comfortable talking to them. Pay attention to how they answer your questions. Did they welcome the question and respond in a way you understood? Or did they seem irritated and rushed through the answer?

Ask yourself if you’re comfortable with a doctor of any gender. You’ll be discussing personal information with them. If having a doctor of the same gender would put you at ease, it’s definitely something worth factoring into your search.

Are they accessible?

As times change and with the impact of the coronavirus, many are noticing the benefits of online consultations. A quick phone call may save you from making a long trip to the surgery just for a routine check-up.

You should see if the allergy doctor offers over-the-phone or video consultations. On the other hand, maybe you’d much rather speak to someone in person. It’s important to choose a doctor that accommodates your needs where possible.

When choosing an allergy doctor, you should always put yourself first. Make sure you feel comfortable with them by making note of what you would like in your allergist and having an interview or consultation with them before deciding.

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