Three summer allergies that aren’t hay fever

summer allergies

Three summer allergies that aren’t hay fever

Summer’s just around the corner. And for many, that means later nights, going out to see friends (now we can again), and just having some fun. 

But for some, it’s their signal to become hypervigilant. Anyone with hay fever will know the rush of looking at the day’s pollen count and trying to remember to stay on top of their antihistamines. But while hay fever is the de facto summer allergy for many, there are others to look out for. Here are three allergies you should look out for.

Sun cream

Sadly, the very solution we use to protect our skin from harm can cause irritation or allergic reactions. There are two types of dermatitis – irritant and allergic. And unfortunately, sun cream can cause both. Irritant dermatitis from sun cream is more common in those with eczema or sensitive skin. The symptoms will appear in the areas it was applied to, causing redness or a stinging sensation.

An allergy to sun cream can be harder to spot as the symptoms are similar to those of heat rash and sunburn. Symptoms also include blistering, bleeding, swelling, scaling, pain, and hives. And these can appear in minutes or take as long as two days to show. 

The sun

Symptoms of solar hives – also known as a sun allergy – are similar to that of a sun cream allergy, making it even harder to figure out. A sun allergy is rare, but the main symptoms include itchy, stinging, and burning red patches on your skin. Other signs include low blood pressure, headache, nausea, and difficulty breathing.


While you can’t be allergic to chlorine per se, a paddle in the pool can still cause some uncomfortable irritation. For those with eczema or sensitive skin, it can cause itchy red skin or hives. And since chlorine dries out the skin, it can further irritate and dry out eczema or existing dermatitis. Other symptoms include scaly skin, rashes, lesions, and tenderness. 

Summer may evoke a carefree sense of freedom. But there are still many allergens or chemicals that may irritate your skin. Stay safe and healthy, and if you ever have any worries about potential allergies, don’t be afraid to speak to a specialist.

You don’t have to give up the activities you love this summer. Get in contact with London Allergy and Immunology Centre today to discuss how we can help you manage your allergies or book a test. Call us now on 02031 433 449.

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