Tips for parents of children with food allergies

children with food allergies

Tips for parents of children with food allergies

Whether you just found out your child has a food allergy or if you’ve known for some time now, you may feel anxious, stressed or worried. But you’re not alone. 

5-8% of children in the UK suffer from food allergies. And one recent study showed over 80% of parents face “significant worry” about their child’s food allergy, 42% have post-traumatic stress symptoms, and 39% said they experience moderate to severe anxiety. But no one should have to suffer. So here are three essential tips for parents of children with food allergies.

Speak to other parents whose children have allergies

Part of what can make it so scary as a parent is the feeling you’re on your own. You feel it’s up to you to keep your child safe, and if you’ve never had to deal with allergies before, you might not even know where to begin.

So why not meet up with other parents in person to share your experiences? This can help make you feel less alone and allows the group to support each other. Or you could join a forum or group on social media to find other parents in a similar situation.

Take some time for yourself

Parenting is a stressful, full-time job. And when your child has food allergies, it can be even harder. But it’s important to have time for yourself, free of anxiety, enjoying your favourite activities. 

Spend time with friends, go to restaurants you can’t take your child to, and try to unwind. But if you plan on going to a restaurant your child can’t eat at, consult their allergist before to be certain it’s safe.

Try not to be so hard on yourself

People make mistakes. We’re only human. If you accidentally expose your child to an allergen, it isn’t your fault. It’s impossible to remember every single food that may contain an allergen. 

Chewing gum, for example, can contain milk, as can margarine, crisps and hotdogs. Allergens are found in more products than you would have guessed. So try to take some of that burden off your shoulders. In a similar vein to the first tip, try to share the responsibility with others. The child’s other parent, your family, a close friend – someone who can work with you.

Having a child with a food allergy isn’t easy. And it’s a constant stress in your life. But there are steps you can take to make it that bit easier and help you realise you aren’t alone.

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