What is oral allergy syndrome?

oral allergy syndrome

What is oral allergy syndrome?

Do you ever get that funny feeling in your mouth after eating where your tongue feels itchy, your throat feels scratchy, and your lips go numb? It’s possible you have oral allergy syndrome. 

There will be plenty of people out there who don’t even realise they have a food allergy. They eat some pineapple and think that swelling feeling in their mouth is just what happens when you eat it. It’s not until their friends throw them puzzled looks that they realise it’s not quite so normal.

These are signs of an allergy, we just might not realise it. So what are some of the warning signs? And what even is oral allergy syndrome?

Symptom triggers

Oral allergy syndrome – sometimes known as pollen fruit syndrome – comes from eating raw fruit, raw vegetables, or nuts. To put it in its simplest terms, when you eat certain foods, your body confuses the protein with pollen proteins. Symptoms can range from numb, swollen lips, itchy mouth, and scratchy throat to full-blown anaphylaxis, although severe reactions are rare. Symptoms tend to be worse when pollen levels are high.

Different people are triggered by different foods, but apples are a common one, resulting in symptoms for around 50-70% of people with an allergy to birch pollen and mugwort pollen. Citrus fruits are also common triggers for oral allergy syndrome, as well as bananas, celery, hazelnut and zucchini. 

Treating and managing symptoms

The best treatment for oral allergy syndrome is to simply avoid the foods that trigger symptoms. Some people with oral allergy syndrome continue to eat the food but cook it instead of eating it raw, but this can be dangerous, especially if you have severe symptoms or if they include the swelling of the throat.

While it might be harmless, you can never be too careful. For this reason, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and avoid the foods that trigger your symptoms and get an allergy test to check. Getting a test eliminates the possibility of it being something more sinister and allows you to treat your allergy as best as possible.

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