Why sleeping with a fan on can be dangerous for allergy sufferers

sleeping with a fan on

Why sleeping with a fan on can be dangerous for allergy sufferers

It’s not often we get to bring out the fan, but when the temperature is reaching 30 degrees like it has this year, there’s no better excuse. For the past few years, summer temperatures and the number of heatwaves have been creeping up. In 1976, the UK experienced a heatwave unlike any other with scorching temperatures into the mid-30 degrees. It wasn’t until 2003 another heatwave rivalled its severity, then again in 2006, then 2018, and now 2019. 

Heatwaves like this will only become more frequent and more intense as our climate changes. More people are looking for solutions to the heat in a country where A/C isn’t standard in homes. So they turn to fans, even to sleep. But this can have negative effects, particularly for those with asthma and other allergies.

Why sleeping with the fan on might not be a good idea

As fans blow air around our room, creating a cool breeze, they also spread dust and allergens. This can trigger reactions and cause irritation while you sleep and, as a result, you could lose sleep, which can lead to other health complications, and it may prolong your symptoms. 

To minimise this risk, you could try dusting the fan blades and cleaning your home to remove as much dust and potential allergens as possible. But for those sensitive to allergens in the dust, it may be worth turning the fan off at night, ensuring a good night of rest. 

Fans may cause other problems, including dry skin, so using enough moisturiser is important. Also, you might experience tight, sore muscles from the cold air. 

Despite this, for most people, using a fan is a very, very small health risk and the benefits of being able to stay cool greatly outweigh any threats. However, for those with sensitive asthma and allergies, it might be best to find other options to stay cool at night. 

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