Will sleeping with a fan affect your allergies?

sleeping with a fan

Will sleeping with a fan affect your allergies?

We’re at the height of summer and, if we’re lucky, we’ll get some glorious weather. The downside? It gets way too hot, especially at night. We all know the feeling – you’re trying to sleep, but no matter how you lie, you feel like you’re on fire. You open the bedroom window only for it to do nothing. So you think of something that might fix that problem: a fan.

But this brings up its own problems if you have allergies. The fan can contribute to your allergies flaring up, meaning you still can’t get to sleep. So why does this happen? And is there anything you can do to stop it?

Why is a fan bad for your allergies?

We all know why fans are great. They circulate air around the room, keeping it cool. But it can also stir up dust and other particles that can set off your allergies. This can happen day or night, but we’re focusing on nighttime for the sake of this article since you’ll be asleep and unable to do anything about the problem.

Even if you don’t have a dust allergy or hay fever, you might have sensitive skin. If you do, the constant stream of cold air can dry it out, irritating the skin. Fans have even been known to trigger asthma symptoms when used for a prolonged period of time.

Does this mean you can never use a fan at night if you have allergies? Not necessarily…

How you can help

If you have an airborne allergy, such as a dust allergy or hay fever, you can reduce the chances of causing a reaction with diligent cleaning. Keep on top of your dusting and don’t be tempted to open the windows in your bedroom. Pollen or dust might come in during the day, stick to your curtains, carpet, or bedding, and get kicked up during the night by the fan. You should also clean the fan blades themselves as they might collect dust and other particles too.

For your skin, make sure to keep it well moisturised. Find a moisturiser or lotion that works for you and use it liberally. You could also consider buying a timer for your plug so the fan turns off automatically, meaning it isn’t running and drying your skin out all night.

We all want to sleep comfortably and you shouldn’t have to suffer because of your allergies. It might be worth talking to your doctor – or even an allergy specialist – about what you can do to help. For now, stay safe and we hope you manage to get a good night’s sleep!

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