What to consider when choosing an allergy doctor

Allergy doctor

What to consider when choosing an allergy doctor

Allergies can really get in the way of life. Whether you suffer from irritating seasonal allergies or life-threatening anaphylaxis to certain foods, it’s important to see an allergy doctor that is right for you.

By being proactive and seeing a professional, you start to take control of your allergy situation. Your symptoms will be evaluated thoroughly and, with this information, an allergy doctor will develop a treatment plan based on your unique requirements. But how do you know if a particular allergy doctor is the right fit for you?

Correct accreditation

Sadly, there are misleading physicians out there who claim to be something they’re not. To be sure you’re dealing with a professional, they need to have a medical degree and license to practice immunology. An experienced allergist will be able to guide you through the diagnosis process and give you advice based on your individual circumstances.

There is also no harm in asking your doctor about their approach to patient care. For many people, visiting a health professional can be unnerving. You should feel like you’re in good hands and that they genuinely care about the well-being of their patients. Recognising that your allergy doctor upholds a dedication to a high standard of care will help you feel at ease in every step of the process.


Most of us live hectic lives. We work long hours and have to look after ourselves and our families. So you want an allergy doctor that is convenient to visit, whatever that means to you. It might literally be a visit, in person, in which case you want someone with a central location.

But that isn’t always viable. The best allergy doctor for you might be half-way across the country. If they have services you can benefit from remotely, such as an at-home allergy test, then they might be better than whatever is available locally.

You will undoubtedly have questions about the diagnosis process and how to manage any newly discovered allergies. Your doctor should recognise the need to address your questions to the best of their ability, so you feel satisfied and equipped to create prevention strategies and manage any symptoms you might have.

At the London Allergy and Immunology Centre, our consultants take you through your options step by step, making sure you get the best possible solution to your allergy problems. So, get in touch with us today on 02031 433 449, or book an appointment here.

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