Four innocent things that might be triggering your allergies

triggering your allergies

Four innocent things that might be triggering your allergies

There are some very strange allergies that exist in the world. You can be allergic to exercise, water, and sunlight. Or you could be allergic to cockroaches, mobile phones, and allergy medicine. And even more bizarrely, you could be allergic to touch, vibrations, or your own child.

The list of allergies never ends. But something you might not consider is what strange things might be triggering your run-of-the-mill allergies. Let’s look at some of the places that might be harbouring allergens.

Second-hand items

You think you’ve found a good deal. A cheap sofa or some vintage clothes that you’ve found on a second-hand marketplace that are right up your street. It’s too good to turn down, right?

But you should be careful of items when you don’t know their history. Old furniture and clothes can hold on to dust or mould, potentially triggering your allergies. This goes double for any non-washable fabrics that might not be well-maintained. At its worst, these can even trigger asthma attacks, so be careful.


There’s nothing better than a bookshelf full of great literature. But it’s a similar story to the one above – you never know what they might be harbouring.

As with anything on your shelf, books can quickly build up a layer of dust that can cause problems down the line. It happens wherever dust accumulates: attics, basements, sheds, and even your shelves. This can be solved with a diligent cleaning routine to stop the dust build-up.


We’re specifically talking about cuddly toys. Because of the plush material these toys are made of, they can be a perfect home for dust mites. An allergic reaction to this can cause a runny nose, coughing, and even an asthma attack.

If you want to protect your child, then don’t worry. Just make sure to buy toys that are machine-washable so you can clean them regularly.


Sometimes, people can react to the strong aromas of certain teas. This is simply an irritation, not a true allergy. But plant-based teas could cause an actual allergic reaction.

It isn’t unknown for something like chamomile tea to cause an allergic reaction because it’s so similar to ragweed. This “cross-reaction” is because the proteins in the two are so similar. People with hay fever could have the usual symptoms of a runny nose and itchy eyes because of the tea.

So there are four things that could be hiding allergens. It’s nothing to fear – it just means you can now pay attention and solve any unsolved allergy attacks. If you ever have questions about your allergies, make sure to get in touch with an expert allergist.

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