The survivor’s guide to hay fever this summer

Hay fever

The survivor’s guide to hay fever this summer

We’ve all been there: it’s a lovely summer’s day and you’re outside enjoying the sunshine with friends. What starts as a single tear becomes streaming eyes and before you know it, you can’t even keep them open. Not to mention the running nose and constant sneezing. Summer barbeque ruined.

Hay fever – or allergic rhinitis if we’re getting technical – affects between ten and thirty per cent of the world’s population. While it’s unrealistic to avoid the triggers altogether, here are some tips to help you survive the summer suffering!  

Tip one: put Vaseline around your nose

This little hack can be a lifesaver. You may be familiar with using Vaseline to soothe a sore nose during a cold, but did you know it also works to help with hay fever? Think of it like a barrier. Apply a generous amount and it’ll trap bits of pollen that make a beeline for your nose.

Tip two: don’t drink too much alcohol

We know it’s unrealistic to expect you to avoid Pimm’s all summer long, but it may be worth lowering how much you drink. You may be familiar with antihistamines, a medicine used to treat hay fever symptoms. Well, most alcohols contain histamines, making it counterproductive. Red wine is especially bad for this, so maybe that can be the first to go.

Tip three: remove traces of pollen wherever possible

After being outside, your clothes and body are likely to have some pollen that sticks around. Make a habit of rinsing off and changing clothes after a day out. This way, you can keep your home a pollen-free haven. Similarly, keep windows and doors shut, especially on windy days.

Tip four: don’t buy fresh flowers

We know, they’re beautiful and can brighten up your living space, but don’t bring the enemy inside. If you were allergic to peanuts, you wouldn’t use peanuts as home decor, so you should avoid buying fresh flowers if you’re a hay fever sufferer.

While it’s not usually a severe allergy and brings inconvenience more than fatal danger, hay fever is an unpleasant experience. These are a few things you can do to make the summer months slightly more bearable. It’s about striking a balance between preventative measures and still enjoying this time of year.

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