The do’s and don’ts of a pollen allergy

Pollen allergy

The do’s and don’ts of a pollen allergy

Seasonal allergies can be a complete misery for those of us that suffer from them. But fear not! As the pollen count starts to get higher, there are things you can do to keep symptoms at bay, along with things you should definitely avoid doing that make them worse.

What to do

If you want to keep the blocked nose, watery eyes, and scratchy throat at bay, follow these tips:

  • Do try to stay indoors when the pollen count or humidity is high. Windy days are also best avoided as dust and pollen are blown about much more than usual. A great way to keep track of this is by downloading a pollen counter or allergy app for your phone or tablet.
  • Do stick with the medications prescribed by your allergist.
  • Do wear sunglasses when you leave the house to stop pollen from making contact with your eyes and causing nasty itching.
  • Do change your air filter in your air conditioning unit before each new season to remove pollen, dust, and mould stuck in the filter.
  • Do work out in a gym while pollen levels are at their highest. If you must workout outside, the best time is in the afternoon when pollen levels are at their lowest.

What to not do

While we all want to enjoy summer, when you have a pollen allergy there are extra steps you need to take to make the most of the weather:

  • Don’t open the windows of your house and car during peak pollen times. Stick with air conditioning where possible, as it cleans, cools, and dries the air.
  • Don’t go over the recommended dosage to reduce your symptoms even more.
  • Don’t over-water indoor plants. Other than potentially killing them, it also encourages mould growth you may be allergic to.
  • Don’t stress. Well, at least try your best not to. Stress causes your cytokine (the protein we produce as part of the allergic response) levels to rise, which makes your allergy symptoms worse.
  • Don’t let your pets in your room or on your bed. As much as we love our animal friends, they can carry pollen in their fur and make your symptoms worse.

There we have it. A few fantastic tips to help you control your symptoms as best as possible so you can enjoy your summer!

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