How not to approach your allergy

How not to approach your allergy

How not to approach your allergy

Over 20% of the UK population are affected by one or more allergic disorders, and allergies remain extremely common in our daily lives. For those suffering from mild allergies, with symptoms that are minor or manageable, it’s easy to sweep under the carpet.

Here are some examples of how not to approach your allergy, because although your symptoms may be minor now, there’s no guarantee they’ll stay that way.

‘This isn’t an allergy’

When symptoms aren’t severe, it can be easy to dismiss your allergic reactions. You may think ‘I’m not allergic to kiwi, I’m just intolerant, and that’s why I get a mild tingling in my mouth and throat after eating one’. Just because your symptoms aren’t always severe doesn’t mean you should ignore the allergy.

‘I’ll cut down on that’

If you really like something you’re allergic to, you might think having less of it will do the trick. Sure, you’ll have fewer reactions since you’re coming into contact with it less, but every time you let yourself indulge you’ll go right back to suffering, and it’s not worth it. Especially if you have a life-threatening reaction one day.

‘It’ll go away on its own’

With minor symptoms, you might think they’ll disappear over time. For example, if you react to a new detergent you might think it’s your skin getting used to the new formula, rather than it being an allergic reaction to a specific ingredient. However, maintaining use of the product could cause your symptoms to worsen or increase in severity.

‘Everyone will understand my allergy, right?’

The more complex or unusual your allergy, the less people will understand or recognise it. With more severe allergies, it’s dangerous to assume that people around you will have a suitable knowledge about it. It’s best to assume less knowledge than more, even if you sometimes find yourself coming across as patronising or repetitive. It’s your allergy, so own it.

If you find yourself saying any of the above, or if you experience any unusual reactions to a specific food or product, you should get tested for an allergy straight away. Even a minor reaction is still cause for concern and could always worsen over time. Do yourself a favour and educate yourself fast, and try to avoid whatever it is you’re allergic to, even if you really like it.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to allergies. To book an allergy test, or to better educate yourself on any potential allergies, contact us on 02031 433 449.

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