Three simple things you can be doing to keep everyday allergies in check

Keep allergies in check

Three simple things you can be doing to keep everyday allergies in check

With many of us affected by allergies, having straightforward ways to keep them at bay is important. There are plenty of easy habits you can be doing to stop allergic reactions in their tracks.

Keep pollen outside

As hay fever figures continue to rise – 31% of adults reported suffering in 2017 – it’s important to reduce the pollen getting into your home. It can be as simple as ensuring you’re washing your clothing and bedding often. Vacuuming floors and curtains, which can both hold onto pollen, also helps with this. You want to keep outside allergens out of the house, so keep your windows closed on a breezy day. If you have a pet that’s been outside, make sure to give them a wash.

Preventative measures

With seasonal allergies, the best thing you can do is be prepared. You can plan the time you spend outside based on pollen counts, and start taking hay fever and allergy-specific medications at the start of the season. This way, you can treat symptoms before they show, and ideally prevent them from occurring at all. It’s also important to recognise when your symptoms have gotten out of control and when to go to a doctor for advice on treatment.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

The uncomfortable realisation that you’re allergic to a new product is familiar to many of us. If this often happens to you, you’ll be better off sticking to what you know in terms of household products.  

If you get on well with a particular detergent, soap, or shampoo you’ve used for years, avoid changing it up. It’s not worth the risk of reacting to a new formula or scent. If you’re feeling adventurous and can’t resist trying something new, find out what specific ingredients you keep reacting to. This way, at least you can lessen the chance that the new product will lead to an uncomfortable rash.

Just because you have an allergy doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Hopefully, these tips will help keep your day-to-day life as simple as possible. And remember, always check with an allergy specialist before you make any significant changes.

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