What exactly is an allergist and what do they do?


What exactly is an allergist and what do they do?

Whenever we have a medical problem, the advice is always the same: go to the doctor. Us Brits certainly love putting it off if we can, but it’s vital that we look after ourselves. Especially in the time of COVID, it never hurts to get the advice you need – even if it’s over a phone call.

So those strange symptoms you’re having that feel like an allergy? Don’t put them off. Get them seen by a medical professional. This could be your GP, or you might look for more specific help. That’s where allergists come into the picture.

But what exactly is an allergist and how can they help? Let’s take a look…

What is an allergist?

GP’s are fantastic and you should see them when you need to. But they have to know about hundreds of possible ailments. It might be that they don’t see a symptom for what it is.

An allergist is effectively an allergy specialist. They’ll have the specific experience needed to hone in on an allergy diagnosis. With allergies on the rise, we definitely need more medical professionals dedicated to them.

They’ll also be more well-versed in the appropriate treatments. Again, a GP can easily do this, but going straight to an allergist can make the whole process quicker.

What does an allergist do?

Well they’ll get to work on figuring out what exactly your allergy is! It could be a food allergy or intolerance, skin condition such as eczema, or something respiratory like asthma.

Part of their treatment might involve getting you tested. This will help them find what triggers your allergies, shaping their recommendations to you. They’ll decide which test is best for you, whether it be a blood, patch, or skin test.

From there, they can help with not just treatment, but also avoiding your triggers. Their advice can help you prevent your allergies bothering you in the first place.

When should you see an allergist? If you ever have allergy-like symptoms with seemingly no cause – such as nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, or skin irritation – it might be a sign to find an allergy specialist.

There’s no reason you have to live with the difficulties. The sooner you get it diagnosed, the sooner you can go back to having a normal life. So don’t leave it until it’s too late! Talk to an expert today.

If you ever have any allergy concerns and are looking for an allergist, get in touch with the professionals at the London Allergy and Immunology Centre. You can register as a new patient here or call us on 02031 433 449.

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