As summer approaches, we ask: are allergies getting worse?

Are allergies getting worse

As summer approaches, we ask: are allergies getting worse?

It’s getting hotter and we all know what that means – allergy season is upon us. As you try your best to keep your irritating symptoms at bay, you may have noticed that things seem to get worse every year.

You’re not imagining this. Allergies really are getting worse thanks to emerging global trends and patterns. Armed with a better understanding of your worsening symptoms, you can put this information to good use.

Air pollution

For city dwellers, air pollution and higher levels of ozone aggravate allergies. Symptoms can get even worse if you live near a busy highway. Urbanisation is increasing rapidly and with 68% of us projected to live in urban areas by 2050, allergy sufferers will feel the effects.

Climate change

As humans continue to pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, global temperatures are steadily rising. For allergy sufferers, this is bad news. Plants use higher levels of carbon dioxide in the air and become ‘super pollinators’. These changes in temperature and atmosphere cause pollen seasons to become longer and even more potent.


When you add stress into the mix of air pollution and climate change, allergies get even worse. When your body has been in a stressed state for a while, it causes inflammation and makes the body extra sensitive to allergens. Stress also produces similar symptoms to allergies, from headaches to faster breathing, causing extra discomfort.

Stress management can do wonders for your symptoms. There are lots of ways you can de-stress, for example, regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet, meditation, and making lifestyle changes to give your body time to rest and recover.

Unfortunately, it may feel like some of these reasons are largely out of your control. But help and advice are out there to equip you with the best possible tools and prevention strategies for your allergies so you can minimise daily disruption as much as possible.

If you need help understanding your allergies, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with The London Allergy and Immunology Centre. Our specialist consultants can help you find the best treatments to make sure your allergies don’t take their toll on your daily life. Give us a call on 02 031 433 449 today.

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