Three simple things that could make your allergies better


Three simple things that could make your allergies better

Allergies can be unpredictable, life-altering, and – at the very least – annoying. It’s hard not to feel down sometimes when your allergies are causing havoc. With seasonal allergies, this is common because, for some of the year, you’re fine, but you spend that time dreading the next few months. 

Around 13 million people know they will suffer from hay fever each year. But there are so many simple things people with allergies don’t realise can make their symptoms worse. So it’s time to cut it out. 

Hanging your laundry outside

You might opt to stay indoors, but the summer temperatures are often perfect to dry your clothes the natural way. You can save money on the heating bill or electricity costs from your dryer. But when you dry your clothes on the line, you’ll be bringing plenty of pollen back into the house with you. It will spread to furniture, other people, and other rooms, leaving no place for escape from hay fever, even in your own home. 

Wear a pollen mask

Sometimes, we can’t avoid going outside, even when the pollen count is high. But you can still protect yourself from the pollen by wearing a pollen mask. It will stop you breathing in pollen and other allergies to avoid the annoying symptoms, and you’ll be able to go about your daily tasks.  

Wash your hair

Washing your hair every day is not only time consuming, but it can also lead to dry, brittle hair. This is why so many people, especially those with long hair, wash their hair every couple of days to keep it healthy. 

But, by doing this, you allow pollen in your hair to spread around the house, bedding, and pillows. It then continues to cause your allergies to flare up. If you want to keep your hair healthy while getting rid of pollen, invest in some quality moisturising hair products and use protective styles designed to keep your hair healthy during the allergy season. 

These three things are simple, everyday tasks, which is why so many people with allergies don’t realise they could be making their symptoms worse. By changing your behaviour, you’ll protect yourself during allergy season. But the best way to protect your body from allergens is to seek professional advice so you can follow the right steps to stay happy and healthy. 

All you need to do is to book an appointment with one of the consultants and The London Allergy and Immunology Centre today. They will give you the best solutions to your allergy problems to help you live more comfortably.

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